Halo everyone. I am Pradeepa. I grew up in India for  23 years and moved to Boston after marriage and currently live in the city of Dublin, California.I am a full time student at Harvard University extension school apart from being a busy Mom for my toddler. To me blogging is a totally new area i am investigating into. When i had to choose an industry of my choice something that i really like to read and chitchat about it all day without getting tired “beauty industry” was the one that appeared in my mind.

Most of my friends and family members would agree with me that i always had a niche for beauty and fashion. (which includes styling hair, trying new make up products or finding the right outfit that fits just right).  Back then there were not too many things to worry about when it meant beautifying yourself especially in a country like India.With little bit of exposure and interest i had in the beauty area during my early teens, i always used to devote some time on doing beauty related stuffs (basic make up /trimming hair for my cousins/friends). This was my definition of beauty.Today the term “Beauty” has got thousand definitions and there are many degrees of each especially from a marketing perspective.Besides being a women in today’s age is not anywhere close to what it used to be 15 years before.

Today after having lived here in United States for so many years i have accumulated quite a few information and amazed at the way beauty industry is moving forward.What constitutes beauty and how much of a role social media is playing in the promotion of a product/brand. Having been obsessed with beauty products and fashion myself, i decided to start this blog where i am going to gossip all about beauty (be it which products in the industry are worth the hype or how brands & companies connect with the customers on a personal level or an overview of the cosmetic industry).I am sure most of the women would enjoy little bit of wisdom in these areas.

Welcome to my Blog


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