Turning crisis into success:

What happens when a business makes a mistake? Or an unintended misstep? There is no doubt that social media serves as an excellent platform for brands to understand their customers, build a closer relationship with and promote products. However despite its easy reach and convenience social media can just as quickly turn against them. It’s a double-edged sword.The good news is social media provides chances to fix their problems as swiftly as possible and brands, when they are more perceptive of a situation (when a crisis occurs) can turn a potential disaster into an opportunity.


anntaylor-employees-cropped-cargos1 anntaylormodel1

I am sharing a perfect example of how social media can suddenly attack on a brand even when they did not do anything wrong and how the brand handled the criticisms very well.

In July 2010 Ann Taylor’s Loft released photos of a tall (5’10), blonde model wearing their new line cargo pants on their facebook page. Fans of the brand complained that the pants worn by the model would not look as good to those who had a heavier or a shorter size. So how do you think they resolved the mistake? Well Ann Taylor took down the photos and replaced it with their own staffs wearing the same trousers worn by the model and uploaded them on to Facebook page


The picture clearly suggested that “real women” can wear the pants whatever their figure might be. The new photos were a hit and received positive feedback from customers. By responding to Fan requests positively, Ann Taylor showed customers that they do listen and care about customer concerns. Customers had a genuine complaint and the brand stayed calm, took the comments into consideration and came up with a constructive solution.

No brand is perfect and it is not easy to please the customers all the time. The best trick however is to be prepared/handle things smart to protect their reputation. When companies learn from their mistakes or successes it helps them stay on the social media’s good side.


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