Sollitude Challenge

Wonder what this is? Well I was asked to sit alone free of technology, friends, family for 30 minutes and blog my experience on it.

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I consider myself a pretty social person and loves to keep myself occupied and engaged all the time. You can imagine how challenging it must have been for me to let myself slow down especially when you are a mother of two year old who hardly lets you do things peacefully. To me if I am not doing anything (leave about doing something valuable) I am wasting time. However I decided to give that half an hour of vacation time for myself. My first 10 minutes of time I was constantly thinking about reaching for the phone to look for the updates on my social networking sites, or fold my laundry or do the vacuum cleaning and all possible chores that’s left unattended. Later I must admit I enjoyed the remaining portion of my alone time and it definitely was a pleasure to dive into a project with no distractions and commitments. It helped me calm my mind and made me feel more energized for the rest of the day.

I was able to gain an interesting perspective after I finished with the assignment. I realized, how much I am controlled by the exterior world. Constantly pulled by the outside world- by people, by media and by demands of my daily life. I don’t exactly remember when was the last time I had some alone time and recharged myself which is very strange honestly.


It was definitely a wonderful opportunity which made me envision my needs/priorities and to become more aware of the world around us. There is no doubt that we should learn to balance the pace and intensity of modern/busy life by devoting some alone time and steady the mind. It’s a struggle but we should learn to put ourselves on the priority list and commit to creating some time of solitude which gives a positive experience.

Don’t you agree?



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