Movie Comparison

I was asked to blog on two mainstream movies (one reflecting solitude and the other reflecting technology) and compare them. The movies I chose to blog are 1. My all time favorite movie filmed in the year 2000 “Cast Away” (CA) featuring Tom Hanks (Chuck Noland), is about a FedEx employee who is stranded on an island for over four years after his plane crashes on a flight over the south pacific. The movie depicts about his attempts to survive on that island and his eventual escape and return to the society.


2.The second part of the movie “The Internship”(TI) starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson is about two middle aged men applying for an internship at the Google company after being laid off from their sales man jobs. Despite the generation gap between them and the fellow interns they learn to survive/work together as a team and appreciates the value that each one has to offer.

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There are quite few similarities and important lessons about Life/Career that these movies propose.

1.CA: Change can be sudden and overwhelming that we need to be ready for it before it happens. It’s more like awaiting the unexpected. Although the plane crash could have happened at any time, Chuck never bothered to train/familiarize himself on the emergency equipments on the planes that he routinely flew in. Had he trained he would have been able to secure his valuable belongings and grab on to that survival boat and utilize it properly without losing those vital tools.     TI: The lives of the sales men are thrown upside-down when the wristwatch company that they work for as salesmen unexpectedly goes out of business on the basis that people no longer wear watches anymore. Billy and Nick neither of them have even the slightest experience in the tech sector nor did they bother to upgrade themselves to the world they currently live. Although they try to lend a hand to the challenges, their lack of know-how leads to disaster as interns at Google.

2.CA:It is never too late to utilize your skills: Most of what Chuck knows about modern life was completely useless on the island and his skills accumulated over the years at FedEx in determining efficiency were very useful in calculating how far away he was from his crash site and the original route the plane was taking.     TI: The interns at Google learn that they need to utilize the skills and assets that they already possessed in order to have a shot at a job with Google. At the end of the movie Billy and Nick use their sales skills to pitch Google search advertising to a local pizzeria, which help them, succeed. We have very little amount of time to invest on new skills everyday outside our routine but never should we cease the opportunity to gather/accumulate knowledge that your current job offers which could be very useful at the time of emergency.

3.CA: Adapt no matter what: On the island there is silence, which is broken only by sounds of the ocean, wind and rain. Chuck learns to adjust to living without the distractions of a noisy society. He learns to go inside himself, to be alone and re-examines his priorities while on that island.    TI: On the other hand the interns were placed in a high tech firm surrounded by technologies most of the time and had constant access to virtual socialization but were still able to find their inner strength and actually succeeded as focused interns. Focused in achieving their personal goals and focused on getting the job at Google as a team.This goes to show that we all need to mould ourselves and adapt/cope to different social settings, perform well in different social settings and achieve desired outcomes no matter what the situation is.

4.CA: Disappointment happens but we have to move on: I love the message of moving on which is brought out very well in both the movies and that is a message not many of us want to hear. Things don’t always go the way we picture them in mind and yet we all learn to adapt to the situation and move on to the next chapter. Chuck realizes that he lost the love of his life Kelly when he returned back to civilization. Even when all his dreams were shattered he understands that he must keep on going on the road called “life”.  TI: As in the case of the movie “The Internship” the two salesmen were jobless, billy loses his girlfriend and the two are at a loss not really knowing what to do next but still they had to do whatever it takes to step forward.

Over all both the movies share the themes of perseverance, life/work balance , survival techniques and of following a dream regardless of how tough life can get.

What movies have you enjoyed that inspired you with life and work lessons?




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