Influencers for the beauty industry

We are exposed to tons of beauty products everyday through advertisements, banners, fashion magazines, social media sites and the beauty store itself. With this come a few challenges. Lets say you came across a product you think is good. How do you actually use them? Media (movies, ads etc) has embedded ideal appearances on women and most of us succumb to these model looks. Many a times I have wasted time and money in trying to find the right cosmetic that suits the best for me. Should I blame the product or is it just the way I do it? While some of us have that one friend who has in-depth knowledge on choosing the right make up and how to exactly use them, others are ignorant when it comes to cosmetics. Then there is the question of if you can actually trust these brands and the claims that they make? So what does one to do?

I usually head to a beauty blog or you tube vloggers (video bloggers). These are the fastest growing and the top influencers of the beauty industry.There are more than 45,000 non-brand related beauty vloggers on YouTube who are influential in their own way. Bloggers and vloggers have become an influential part of many of the cosmetics brands to promote their products to consumers exploiting the unique relationship that they share with their audience. What’s even better? You can find a blog or watch a You Tube tutorial focusing exactly on what you need and not lose track of time. In addition beauty videos on the YouTube are the frequently searched item and these videos average 800 million views a month approximately (that’s quite a number isn’t?).

Amy phamimgres

So what’s so special about them? In beauty industry bloggers and vloggers are very powerful – that they give away very honest opinions (without a care for advertisers) about a brand rather than pushing the brand. They tell us what products they love the most and what they would not use again. Once I have tried their recommendation and believe that it works for me, I entrust them completely about their reviews. These make up artists are like our soul mates trying to talk with us (like demonstrating on how to use the products and show us some of their tips and tricks) on a personal level. They help us expose to even lesser known brands and increase the sales for them. These regular people have the power to get really dirty about a product if the results are not positive or tout the benefits of one (when the product claims are real) and add value to a brand. Of course Michelle Phan, Amy Pham (popular You Tube vloggers) are paid these days to represent a particular brand and promote the brands they work for. But they know their fans are going to love them whatever they say as long as they are authentic and has great content to watch.

Most of the times it’s us who create the content for them. Once we build a relationship (through frequent video uploads and blogging contents) with these vloggers and bloggers, their next topic on their social media sites are based on the requests from viewers like you and me. The fans get what they want. Moreover girls as young as 14, can be a star on YouTube who can generate around million reviews in a month. There is a relatable quality to these beauty gurus that are incredibly appealing to younger girls. These people are self-trained make up experts only with a little more skill and exposed to a lot more products than us. It’s the credibility we share with these people that makes them even more influential.

Vloggers and bloggers have a huge audience engagement/consumer’s attention. They are so influential that I can’t imagine myself going back to the traditional (doing lots of research before arriving at a decision) way of shopping. I don’t mind buying products that I haven’t even heard of. It’s the subject matter that draws my attention to these contents and not the aesthetic quality of the video by itself. These are the aspects that are lacking in a traditional media marketing that makes social media marketing extraordinary and dominant.


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